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Blippar WebAR SDK is a software development kit that enables you to be able to create AR Experiences and run them on mobile web browsers. With WebAR SDK, and A-Frame or PlayCanvas, Babylon.Js, you can easily create AR experiences that interact realistically with objects and environments using WebGL-based 3D content and/or operable HTML elements.

WebAR SDK is also a library of classes that interact with different application programming interfaces (APIs) to build a custom range of augmented reality and plane detection features that can be incorporated into third party applications.

It also uses device motion sensors in order to track and fix an object on any surface.

WebAR SDK helps developers create and publish AR contents in their web environment. While AR allows you to render virtual objects in the real world, WebAR SDK provides accurate placement and tracking of those objects to create an immersive web experience. It is compatible with web content standards that support 2D and 3D, such as HTML and WebGL. You can implement AR by applying various JavaScript-based library and framework features to AR applications, on mobile web browsers that conform to web standards (Chrome, Safari, etc.)​

GPU Integration

The Blippar WebAR SDK kit is now GPU enabled which increases the speed of computer vision calculations and also delivers improved tracking accuracy. A GPU is a programmable processor on which thousands of processing cores run simultaneously in massive parallelism, where each core is focused on processing one small area of the video image. GPU acceleration assigns compute-intensive portions of an application to the Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) while general-purpose computing is relegated to the Central Processing Unit (CPU). This enables numerically intensive calculations to be computed in the GPU while sequential calculations are performed in the CPU for processing and analysis of live video in real time.

This capability makes Blippar WebAR SDK a robust software development tool kit to address all your AR needs. The following are the various rendering engines supported by Blippar WebAR SDK with GPU enabled:

Key Features

  • A-Frame, PlayCanvas and Babylon.js support

  • Unity WebAR SDK package support. Publish Unity-built projects, along with interactivity, 3D models, animations, and particle effects to web AR with this integration

  • No Blippar Branding

  • Complete Freedom for Local Development

  • SDK is customizable

  • Supports Marker/Image Tracking

  • Free trial version provides 100 free views.

  • Create Unlimited AR Projects using our SDK License

  • 100% control on License Management

  • Complete Documentation

  • 24*7 Support Multiple Channel user-support

Surface Tracking Experience

Marker Tracking Experience