Rotate and Zoom

Learn how to customize your AR experience

  • Blippar Unity plugin provides extra features is pinch zoom and rotate feature. Which allows users to manipulate the AR objects in a scene using pinch zoom and rotate gestures.

  • Pinch zoom is a feature that allows users to zoom in or out on a scene by pinching two fingers together or spreading them apart. When a user pinches their fingers together, the AR object in the scene will zoom out, making everything appear smaller. Conversely, when a user spreads their fingers apart, the camera or object in the scene will zoom in, making everything appear larger.

  • Rotate is another feature that allows users to rotate an object in the scene by using a rotate gesture, such as a two-finger rotation. When a user performs a rotate gesture, the object will rotate in the direction of the gesture.

Parameters and API’s list:

  • WEBARSDK.IsRotate(true)- Enable and disable rotate functionality.

  • WEBARSDK.IsZoom(true)- Enable and disable zoom functionality.

  • WEBARSDK.RotateSpeed(1.0)- rotation speed

  • WEBARSDK.X_Rotate(true)- Enable and disable X axis rotation.

  • WEBARSDK.Y_Rotate(true)- Enable and disable Y axis rotation.

  • WEBARSDK.ZoomSpeed(1.0) - Zoom speed

  • WEBARSDK.ZoomLimit(2.0)- zoom limit