Read through few commonly asked questions

What can I do with WebAR?

A. Web-based augmented reality enables AR to work with a web browser.

It is also a valuable addition for existing web pages by helping developers ease into the AR market.

It works without the need to install an app and runs on HTML5, Android or iOS allowing easy and fast integration via JavaScript code.

For example, it can allow your customers to view your products in their chosen environment - like a new sofa in their living room.

You can also integrate WebAR SDK with your application and create countless experiences or illustrations.

These illustrations allow users to place a life-sized representation of an object simulating reality.

Once placed, the life-size object stays on the selected surface and the user is able to move it around three dimensionally.

This gives viewers a deeper understanding of the object than is possible with a 3D object.

Let your users experience augmented reality on your very own website using our WebAR SDK.

With just a few lines of code you can create several extraordinary, engaging, interactive Web AR experiences that will immerse your users and visualize your products letting them enjoy a browser-based augmented reality experience.

What do I need to get started?

A. To get started, you need to sign up and get a license. WebAR SDK allows you to get a free trial license which provides a 100 Free views. You can choose a suitable paid subscription as well.

Post this you can download the WebAR SDK bundle and start creating your AR experiences. You can create unlimited number of AR experiences with a license.

Then click on View Documentation for a step-by-step guide on how to integrate the WebAR SDK with your infrastructure and how to host it on a web browser.

What are the compatibility requirements for the WebAR SDK?

A. WebAR SDK supports both Android on Chrome and iOS Safari browsers on your mobile device.

To ensure the best user experience, we recommend using the latest version of these browsers.

As the WebAR SDK needs a virtual rear-view camera to load the virtual scene, it is at present not supported on desktop or laptop devices.

It is compatible with web content standards that support 2D and 3D, such as HTML and WebGL.

What are the contents of the WebAR SDK bundle?

A. WebAR-sdk script is already bundled with

  • a-frame version 1.2.0

Index.html : Helps you understand what to add and where to add them in your application HTML file. It also helps ensure that you do not change the default parameters. Index.html gets loaded on loading the individual experience.

README.md : Contains a WebAR SDK example with a live demo that you can run on your mobile browser.

webar-sdk : A folder that contains the .js files to add in the html script, icons, images and sample models to create demos.

Do I need to install a Chrome extension?

A. You don’t need to install an extension.

You only need a web browser to host the application.

Note: SSL is a must to access the webcam on a mobile browser.

Do I need to install any apps?

A. There are no specific apps that need to be installed.

WebAR SDK is integrated onto the front end of the web application and you can execute it on the web browser.

It runs in Chrome or Safari on any mobile device with no app required. Your users just need to enable the web camera.

What are the Browser requirements?

A. Blippar WebAR SDK requires a mobile browser that supports the following features:

  • WebGL (canvas.getContext(‘webgl’) or canvas.getContext(‘webgl2’))

  • getUserMedia (navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia)

  • deviceorientation (window.DeviceOrientationEvent)

  • Web-Assembly/WASM (window.WebAssembly)

Note: Running Blippar WebAR SDK is only possible through **https**.

This is necessary for the browser to access the camera.

The above applies both to iOS and Android devices


  • OS Version: iOS 11 and later

  • Supported browsers:

    • Safari

      • Note: In Safari, the call to getUserMedia directly returns the video input device, not a UIWebView or WKWebView.

    • Chrome

      • iOS 14.4 and later

      • Chrome 87.0.4280.77 and later


Supported browsers:

  • Chrome

  • Chrome-variants (e.g., Samsung Browser)

How do I view my AR Experience?

A. First you need to obtain the WebAR SDK license and download the WebAR SDK Bundle.

Once this is done, integrate WebAR SDK with your application, host it and then you can view your AR experience.

While the application is loading on the mobile browser, you’ll see the following:

  • A loading progress bar while the scripts and assets are loading.

  • When loaded, a webcam view with a hand animation guide

Once you see this,

  • Slowly move the phone left and right while the camera is looking at a textured/patterned surface and make sure that the surface is not too shiny, too bright or too dark.

  • When the surface is detected, a 3D model will appear on the surface.

Note: Please ensure that the domain name used while hosting is the same as the domain name entered while obtaining the license.

Are there any WebAR example projects which embeds a video?

A. Not Currently.

Need Pricing Details?

A. For detailed information on Pricing click here.

Can you create AR Experience with surface tracking and image recognition?

A. Yes. Please click here to access our documentation space and get help for creating your AR experiences.

Does the service collect and store client information?

A. No

What does "elType enum values" mean?

A. “elType enum values” for “video” is meant only for monitoring purposes. If the video resource has been loaded, a progress bar will appear on the screen until the load is completed.

Is Marker or Image Tracking supported?

A. Yes

Can we build a customized web AR platform or our domain?

A. Yes. You can build your customized web AR platform (Blippar on a browser) on your own domain.

How to show a video playing on a scene?

A. Upload a video asset, place in scene. In options you can then set to auto-play.

Can we create different 3D animations each with a unique QR code in an experience?

A. Yes. You can install the same SDK in 10 different paths to get 10 QR codes and the domain remains the same for all.

Can I publish my AR campaign for free?

A. Yes. You can publish your AR campaign for free up to a 100 views by choosing Trial plan.

Do I need to submit payment details to download WebAR SDK?

A. No. WebAR SDK is free to download at all times. Payment details are only required when you create a paid license and choose one of the pricing plan.

Is there a limit on the number of free views?

A. Yes. You get up to a 100 free views.

What happens when I have used all my free campaign views?

A. You can renew your trial license. You will receive an email notifying you that your free views allocation has been reached and you will purchase views in order to continue using the SDK. For more information refer Manage Your License

If my license expires is there an option to renew?

A. Yes. An expired license can be renewed. You can choose the desired views from the wide range of pricing plan and top-up your expired license to re-activate it. For more information refer Manage Your License

If my license has expired can I activate my Project again?

A. Yes. You can renew your license and access the project again. For more information refer Manage Your License

If I pause my license will my project still be live and will my views still be used?

A. No. If you pause your license then your views will not be utilized and your project/campaign will not be active until you resume your license again. For more information refer Manage Your License

If I cancel auto-renewal and my views get over will my license also expire?

A. Yes. If the views get utilized and your auto-renewal is cancelled then the license expires. However, you can renew your expired license by choosing the desired views from the wide range of pricing plan and top-up your expired license to re-activate it. For more information refer Manage Your License

Can I add more views to my existing subscription?

A. Yes. You can add the desired amount of views to your existing license at any point. For more information refer Manage Your License

How can I add more views to my existing subscription?

A. You can add the desired amount of views to your existing license by using Manage Views option from your license on the HUB. For more information refer Manage Your License

If I have certain amount of unused views can I still add more views? Will my unused views get added to the total number of views after I buy more views?

A. Yes. You can add more views when you still have unused views remaining and Yes the unused views balance will get added to the newly bought views. You will not loose any unused views due to the new addition.

Is there a top-up option available?

A. Yes. You can top up your views at any time based on your requirement. For more information refer Manage Your License

Can I switch my plan at any time?

A. Yes. You can switch the payment plan to suit your needs at anytime. The chosen plan will automatically reflect at the time of renewal and auto-renew will occur based on the last plan opted. For more information refer Manage Your License

If my trial license has expired can I get more free views?

A. No. Your trial license provides 100 free views. If these get utilized then you can add more views by choosing a desired pricing bundle. For more information refer Manage Your License

How can I track my usage of views?

A. You can track your views usage from the HUB. For more information refer Manage Your License

If there are too many expired licenses in my HUB can I delete them?

A. Yes. You can delete your license after it is expired. Please ensure to download any markers for later use before deleting the license. For more information refer Manage Your License

If there are markers uploaded in my project will this get deleted if my license expires?

A. An expired license can be renewed at any point by choosing the desired views from the wide range of pricing plan. If you choose to not renew and delete the license then please ensure you download your markers and retain a copy so you can upload these when you create a new license.

What are the different payment options supported?

A. You can make a payment though Credit/Debit card.

Is there a coupon code for availing any discounts?

A. Follow our monthly newsletters as we are planning to release discount coupon codes for buying views.

Will I get notified when my views are about to expire?

A. Yes. You will receive an email notification when you have utilized 80% of your views. However, since auto-renew is ON by default, the views will get added based on your last purchase automatically.

Can I renew/upgrade my trail license

A. Yes. You can upgrade your trail license by buying desired view bundles from an array of pricing option. For more information refer Manage Your License

If my license expires, can I still download SDK bundle?

A. Yes. License validity does not impact the download option for SDK bundle. SDK bundle is free for download at all times. For more information refer Download SDK Kit

If my auto-renewal fails and my license is expires, what is the course of action?

A. You can renew your license by buying desired view bundles from an array of pricing option. If auto-renewal fails and money is debited from your account please contact customer support.

Can I choose a rendering engine for my AR Creations? What options does WebAR SDK support?

A. Yes. WebAR SDK supports different rendering engines such as A-Frame, PlayCanvas as well as Babylon.js.

Where can I specify the type of rendering?

A. The type of rendering you wish to use can be specified in the attribute rendering section of API customization. For more information refer API Reference (v1.4.7)

What is the benefit of using Babylon.js rendering engine over A-Frame?

A. Babylon.js supports Physically Based Rendering(PBR) to render more realistic models. It also supports CPU/GPU based Particle systems to generate real time spark, smoke or fire to create amazing and beautiful AR experiences. You can provide soft, transparent shadow like effects. WebAR SDK also supports A-frame and PlayCanvas rendering engines. You can choose any rendering engine to create your experiences.

What is the integration and who is it for?

  • Blippar has made it possible for Unity developers to integrate its WebAR SDK into the Unity platform.

  • The integration enables Unity developers to create lightweight AR experiences that can be easily published directly to any web browser.

  • The product has been designed for creative Unity developers who are looking to build lightweight AR experiences within one platform.

How is the integration accessed and used?

  • In order to benefit from the integration, developers need to download the free SDK package from the Blippar website and purchase a Blippar SDK license key, which is also done on the Blippar website.

  • Blippar WebAR SDK license keys can be purchased from as little as $10 (providing up to 5k views) and increase in price depending on the amount of views the project receives. License keys are free for 100 views or under.

What costs are involved?

The Blippar SDK Unity package is free to download, and once the developer has access to Unity, the only cost required is the purchase of the license key (costs broken down above).

Where is the Blippar SDK Unity Package available from?

The package will be launched and available to download from the Blippar website.Here is the link

What problems does the integration solve?

  • By integrating Blippar’s WebAR SDK into Unity, Unity developers will be able to create lightweight AR experiences that can be easily published directly to any web browser.

  • With Blippar’s SDK, Unity developers save considerable time and effort, no longer needing to work between multiple platforms in order to create and publish web AR experiences.

  • This integration, which has been frequently requested by developers, enables creators to increase their production of lightweight web AR experiences and removes the friction of requiring end users to download an app.

  • The benefits are three-fold, advancing both creators, businesses, and end-users.

  • Developers can create web AR content more efficiently, and web AR content – in comparison to dedicated AR apps – is highly accessible and allows for spontaneity.

  • As web AR can be triggered with a smartphone from any object, link or QR code, it enables publishing across social media platforms such as Meta, TikTok and Snap and websites including e-commerce and gaming.

  • Additionally, the need for an app download process is removed, alleviating friction for the end user.

  • This means that when AR experiences are web based, the addressable audience size is increased to 5 billion smartphone users, and Blippar’s SDK allows brands and businesses creating with Unity to tap into this market.

What features does the integration include?

Blippar and Unity users will benefit from the following features:

  • Instant access to the integration via a simple, downloadable package within Unity

  • The ability to publish Unity-built projects, along with interactivity, 3D models, animations, and particle effects to web AR

  • The creation of fully immersive and realistic surface and marker tracking web AR experiences

  • The ability to run creations through any mobile browser (iOS Safari and Android Chrome) or social media platform, including Snap, Meta, Whatsapp and WeChat

What types of AR content can't be created using Unity SDK Integration?

The plug-in currently supports only image target or marker tracking and surface target or plane tracking types of AR creations.

Can I use the unity desktop version to create AR experience using unity_webarsdk_v1.*.unitypackage?

A. Yes. Refer article on unity examples for more information click here. Also note that this cannot be launched on the mobile application.

How do I publish an AR created using unity package?

A. Scan the QR code displayed on the screen using a mobile phone and load the surface tracking or marker tracking experiences. For more information refer article Preview and Publish or (develop locally)

How many free views do I get?

A. 100 free views. Refer (Pricing page)

Is it chargeable for me to download and install unity_webarsdk_v1.*.unitypackage?

A. No, it is free.

What is the major advancement in WebAR SDK surface UX?

The latest enhancement optimizes surface tracking, introducing a visual ‘safe-zone’ for AR scene placement, on screen prompts, new controls, and additional APIs and SDK attributes.

From which version can I enable the New UX?

The New UX is available from SDK version 1.7.1 onwards.

What rendering engines are supported in New UX v1.7.1?

A-Frame and Babylon.js are currently supported, with plans to include Playcanvas and Unity in future releases.

How do I enable the New UX in SDK v1.7.1?

  1. A-Frame: Follow STEP 6 in Build a Basic Surface Tracking Experience.This includes adding a stage cursor for precise AR model placement. The implementation code is provided in the article.

  2. BabylonJS: Follow this step to enable UX in BabylonJS - Build a Basic Surface Tracking Experience for Babylon

Will the new UX affect existing projects?

No, existing projects remain unaffected. The new UX is an optional feature.

Is using the New UX mandatory?

No, it's optional. You can still use the old UX to create and publish experiences.

What advanced controls are included in the new release?

New gesture-based interactions like rotation and scaling are added. These include pinch-to-zoom, swipe for rotation, and 'reset' and 'reposition' features for AR scenes.

What are the new APIs in v1.7.1?

  1. SetARModelPlaceCallback(callback): For custom post-placement interactions.

  2. SetResetButtonCallback(callback): For customized reset functionality.

  3. SetResetButtonVisibility(isVisible): To control the reset button’s visibility.

What are the new SDK configuration properties in v1.7.1?

  1. rotation-speed: Adjusts rotation sensitivity.

  2. gesture-scale-max: Sets maximum scale factor.

  3. gesture-scale-min: Sets minimum scale factor.