Package Installation

Learn how to install the WebAR SDK Unity Package


This guide provides a walk through of the WebAR SDK Unity package installation

Install WebAR SDK Unity Package

From the Unity Hub desktop application

  • Click New project

  • Select 3D (Core) template

  • Click Create project to open the new project in Unity Editor application

  • Make sure WebGL build support is installed, if not then please install.

  • From the menu bar of the project's Unity Editor, navigate to Assets > Import package > Custom package and open the downloaded unity_webarsdk.unitypackage file.

  • In the Import package dialog box, retain defaults and click Import

  • After the import operation is completed, verify if the Blippar Menu is available in the Unity Editor's Menu bar.

  • Under Blippar Menu**,** select Webar Settings to open the Blippar Inspector Window.

  • In the Blippar Inspector tab enter the License key purchased from Blippar hub. See here for more details.

  • Build Location is the path where the final build will be exported.

  • The build location is auto filled on clicking ‘Reset’. The default location can be updated based on requirement.

  • Click ‘Browse’ and select the path to update the default location of the build export.

This completes the installation

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