What's New?


We’re excited to announce the latest update to our SLAM surface tracking technology, focused on delivering an even more refined user experience for augmented reality (AR) applications. This release continues to support AFrame, Babylon, and Playcanvas web frameworks.

Building on a Strong Foundation

The previous update introduced significant advancements in performance, reliability, and user experience for AR development. This release builds upon that foundation by addressing specific user feedback:

  1. Enhanced Interaction Stability:

    • We’ve mitigated the “sliding effect” during interactions, resulting in a more responsive and predictable user experience.

  2. Smoother Tracking:

    • Jitter issues have been resolved to ensure smoother object tracking within the Web SDK, leading to an improved user experience.

  3. Consistent Scale:

    • Scaling inconsistencies have been addressed to guarantee accurate and consistent object manipulation across various Web SDK functionalities.

Continued Engine Support & Existing Features

  • AFrame compatibility remains intact, enabling developers to create immersive WebAR experiences with ease.

  • Seamless integration with Babylon continues, providing access to high-quality 3D graphics and interactive AR applications.

  • Playcanvas support is still available, offering a powerful platform for developing interactive 3D WebAR content.

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