Build a Basic Surface Tracking Experience

Construction of an AR experience using SLAM

Surface Tracking

Create a basic scene

To create a Surface tracking experience using WebAR SDK and Unity follow the below steps:
Navigate to the Blippar Inspector tab and select the option ‘Surface Tracking’ as shown below:
Blippar Inspector tab
  • Certain new game objects such as webarStage, webarCamera and webarManager will be added under the SampleScene.
  • webarStage is the game object that is positioned at the origin of the tracked surface. Any 3D objects/assets placed under webarStage will be anchored and appear on the tracked surface.
  • Right click on the webarStage object and add a Capsule 3D object for the example.
  • Delete the default "Main Camera" object from SampleScene.
Delete Main Camera
  • In the Blippar Inspector tab, click Build to build the surface tracking web application.
Build Scene
  • Check Color space -> go to the the project settings -> Player -> other settings and check the color space if it is Linear then change it to the Gamma.
  • After the build is complete, a pop-up confirming the build completion will appear on the screen.
  • Once the build is complete, you can locate the built application under the unity project folder. Navigate to build location.
  • Host this folder in a HTTPS web server. For local testing, host it in a HTTPS web server having the desktop/laptop's IP address as the domain address.
  • For more details see this link on how to develop locally.
  • Open the URL in the mobile browser (Android Chrome or iOS Safari) to view the Surface Tracking experience.


Check out a few example AR experiences created using WebAR SDK Unity Package. Scan the QR code displayed on the screen to trigger the experience: