Customise your project


This article provides instructions on the various steps to be followed for customization


Follow the below steps to customize your loading screen:

  • Create a project and navigate to the Design Canvas

Need help with creating projects? Refer Types of Projects.

  • Click the 'Customize' icon from the top panel.

Customization Options

There are various customisations that you can define for your project:

Project Settings

Customise your projects using this option. Rename your project, add audio file or try experimental 'peel away' function in your project settings as shown below:

Project Settings

Custom Loader

Customize your loading screen by enabling the desired customization of font colour, text, background colour etc in your custom loader as shown below:

Customize Your Loading Screen

Available for Creative Plan and above.

Share Settings

Customise and predefine your 'Share Settings' and provide a desired link text, header, description and image file. These settings can be pre-define in this section or you can alternatively choose to edit them while publishing. More information refer 'Publish to Socials'

Share to Socials

Custom Domain

You can customise your domain from this section.

Available for Creative plan and above. Additional fee is applicable.

You can enter your organisation domain address as shown below to customize the domain. A preview of the domain address will also be displayed as shown below:

Custom Domain

Editor Settings

The editor settings will allow you to test a few experiemental functions and features fro Blippbuilder.

It is advised to keep the experimental features 'OFF' unless required for testing purposes.

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