Open URL on Tap

Use Blippbuilder Design Canvas to Open URL

You can assign 'Action on Touch' on any object in the scene and assign a URL re-direct or open the URL in an external browser using Blippbuilder Desktop Design Canvas.

  • Select the object to assign 'Action on Touch'

  • From the right-panel, click the drop-down and choose 'Website' from the list of available options. This will open the website on touch of the selected object in the scene.

  • Enter the site URL

Enable the check-box 'Open in External Browser', in order to open URL in an external browser. The URL will open in the same browser if this option is not checked.

  • Refer Image below:

Use Actions and Events to Open URL

  • Click the 'On Tap' action node, select the object from the drop-down. Click the 'Open URL' action node.

  • Connect the output of the 'On Tap' node to the input of the 'Open URL' node.

  • Enter the desired URL in the space.

  • Refer Image below

By default the URL will open within the same browser. Use the Action on Touch panel to enable 'Open in external browser'.

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