Moving Objects

Understand the Blippbuilder design danvas


This section describes the process of moving various 3D objects on the design canvas.


Refer the tutorial below for moving objects:


There are two ways of moving objects around the STAGE.

Moving Objects by Using Keyboard and Mouse controls:

In order to understand the process of moving objects, let us consider the example of a cube. Follow the steps below:

  • Drag and drop the 3D asset into the centre of the 'STAGE'

  • To move the asset vertically, drag and move the BLUE arrow vertically

  • To move the asset vertically, drag and move the RED arrow horizontally

  • To move the asset diagonally, drag and move the YELLOW arrow diagonally

  • To move and asset in any direction, drag the YELLOW DOT anywhere on the stage

  • To move the assets towards or away from the camera, click, hold and drag the GREEN DOT towards to away.

You can also move the objects by using the interface controls. Move assets precisely by changing the values for X, Y and Z access.

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