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XR Blipp does not load when published

Working on a web XR Blipp which does not load when published? Tried to open the URL on Chrome on both a normal browser window and an incognito window. Also attempted to scan the QR code and open the web XR experience on an iOS device. In both cases, the loading screen seems to get stuck on loading "32 of 36 elements. The project contains jpeg images (approx. 1MB each), .mp3 audio files, and a couple of 3D default objects provided by Blippar.

This issue is an image subway.gif issue. Convert the image to jpeg, jpg or png, and try launching the experience.

Does WebAR support object recognition and image tracking or location-based content?

A. Blipp Builder supports object recognition and image tracking. However, location based content is not yet available.

Can we get help to create custom campaigns?

A. Our development team can help you create a custom campaign. Express your interest by using the Slack channel or write an email to us on Support @ Blippar and we will forward the same to the concerned department to assist you with the campaign.

When to use printed marker image and URL or QR code for viewing the AR experience created?

There are two types of WebAR experiences you can create in the BlippBuilder tool. First one is "Around the user" and the second one is "On a printed marker".

If you have created WebAR on a printed marker, then you can just include the original marker image or URL of the blipp on your product cover and other users can scan the marker image using the Blippar app to see your WebAR experience (no need to print the QR code).

If you have created WebAR around the user then you need to either put the QR code on the product cover or the URL of the blipp.

When does 'Preload with Scene' option not work?

When you click 'Preload with Scene' an error pops-up on the screen saying "Sorry we are experiencing some difficulties in fetching data. Please try again later." you have multiple videos and use a combination of 'Autoplay' and 'Loop'.

If the blipp has a video without audio and the preload with scene option is enabled, the user will face this issue “Sorry we are experiencing some difficulties in fetching data. Please try again later.”

'Preload with Scene' means the video will be preloaded before the scene gets loaded in Web AR. If a video doesn't have an audio track and if the option "preload with scene is enabled" then publish flow will fail.

Can a pre-animated rigged 3D character be uploaded?

If it is a WebAR blipp and 3D model type is GLTF, we can import it in BlippBuilder. If it is an App AR blipp and the 3D model is in .FBX format then it can be imported in BlippBuilder using our FBX converter which converts the model into BB3 and that can be used.

Replacing the existing spherical/360-image with a new one

Yes, it is possible to replace the existing spherical/360-image, you just need to select the reset option and then add new texture or image file to it.

Limited background audio for Web AR blipps

WebAR blipps currently only support background audio. It’s fairly limited (just plays when blipp starts, optionally loops).

Supported 3D models in Web AR

Web AR currently supports .GLB and .GLTF 3D models. BB3 models are not supported in Web AR. BB3 models will work only in App AR blipps.

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