Customize a Project


Learn various project customization options in this article.

How to customize?

  • Create a 'New Project' and choose they type of experience: Surface, Gyro, Marker or Face tracking.

  • Provide a suitable name for the project and click 'Continue'.

  • You will be re-directed to the Blippbuilder Design Canvas.

  • Click 'Customize' from the top panel as shown in the image below:

Type of Customizations

The following are the various types of customization:

Project Settings

Use this tab to enable custom project settings as listed below:

  • Revise project name: Rename you project

  • Add background audio: Add an audio to the background when experience is loading.

  • Customize project user interface

    • Enable Screen Recording: Allow users to screen record the AR experience which scanning the QR code of the published project.

    • Enable Image Capture: Allow users to capture a screenshot of a part of the AR experience which scanning the QR code of the published project.

    • Enable Share URL: Allow users to be able to share the published project URL

Custom Loader

Use this tab to enable and update custom loader settings as listed below:

  • Text colour

  • Progress colour

  • Background colour

  • Center image

  • Background image

The above is for customization of loading screen. Without customization, the default 'Blippar' loading screen will appear for the user while loading the AR experience.

Share Settings

Customize the share settings by applying header, link text, description and image file

Custom Domain

Customize your domain for the published experience.

Provide custom domain details and Blippar Customer Support Team will address the query.

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