Marker Tracking

Construction of an AR experience using image or marker tracking


Get started by creating a new project. A marker tracking experience is enabled when the camera detects the marker image. Move the mobile screen to the marker image to see the entire triggered experience. Sign up with Blippar and create your account.


Follow the steps below top create a project in Blippbuilder:

  • Login to HUB

  • Click on the 'Use Blippbuilder' option from the ‘Blippbuilder’ panel as shown below:

  • Click on 'Create A New Project', provide a name for your project and click 'Continue.'

  • A pop-up will appear on the screening providing you with options to select the type of AR project you wish to create.

Select the option 'Select Marker' for creating a project using image markers as triggers.

  • You will be re-directed to select the maker image you want to utilise in the project.

  • There are two ways to upload markers:

  1. Browse and Upload: Use this option to browse and upload images from your local system.

  2. Autogenerate Marker: Use this option to autogenerate a marker and blippbuilder will provide a sample marker for you to test the project.

You can add upto 3 markers in a single project. Use the autogenerate option to receive a sample marker in case you do not have a marker already.

You can add various objects, scenes and apply required action on the objects including lighting, animation. For more information refer article Navigating the Interface.

  • Click 'Confirm'

  • Click the 'Preview' button on the top panel to check an 'In-app Preview' of the experience before you publish your creation

  • Click 'Test on Device' to create a test project link. A test project is created which can be accessed by scanning the QR code displayed on the screen.

The 'Test Project' link is active only for a period of 20 minutes

  • Click 'Publish' to make the project 'Live'. The Status of the project will appear as 'Live' if published. Scan the QR code on the to test the published project. Apply this QR code on all surfaces from which you desire the AR Experience to be triggered.

For Marker tracking the tracking is enabled on the uploaded marker.

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