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Can we create an account with personal email accounts such as google, yahoo etc. for educational sign up using a school account?

No. Our system will not accept personal email accounts (like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail) for educational sign up. Please note that for educational sign up, you need to have an email account hosted on your school/university domain (e.g.

Can teachers develop AR resources for teaching students using the tool?


When to use printed marker image and URL or QR code for viewing the AR experience created?

There are two types of WebAR experiences you can create in the BlippBuilder tool. First one is "Around the user" and the second one is "On a printed marker".

If you have created WebAR on a printed marker, then you can just include the original marker image or URL of the blipp on your product cover and other users can scan the marker image using the Blippar app to see your WebAR experience (no need to print the QR code).

If you have created WebAR around the user then you need to either put the QR code on the product cover or the URL of the blipp.

What is the pricing?


Can multiple markers be added to a project? Can multiple projects be published for only a week instead of a year?

Yes, multiple markers can be added to a project and you can create as many projects as you want in the BlippBuilder. However, any blipp published to live will stay live for a period of 12 months from the date of publishing. You do have an option to unpublish your blipp whenever you would like to.

Can 3D models that are built in Zbrush and animated with Maya be used as markers? Is there an issue if the file size is more than 30mb?

3D models have to be in .GLB format, so you have to export the models from maya in .GLB.

30 mb is too large in size and it will cause crashes mainly in iOS safari browsers. It's better to reduce the model size for better experience.

On a free trial account do we get access to training and technical support? Is there any reference videos or material available?

Unfortunately no training or technical support will be available on a free trial account.

However, you can refer to our channel on YouTube for Blippbuilder demos or for documentation.

We do not have the original files that were uploaded. Would it be possible to receive a WeTransfer of the files for these pins that are in the Blippar backend?

We do not have a standard process to access the files. The files are very strictly hidden behind user authentication to ensure access to user files is negligible and strictly prohibited.

How to Add a Scene? How to add assets on a canvas? How to activate touch action?

There is an option to go to a scene in Web AR under action. You can add assets into the canvas and on selecting the element there is an option on the right side under action “go to scene”.

While creating your Web AR experience, you can customize action on touch and select "Go to scene" option. This way once your blipp is published to live, it will switch to different scenes on touch action.

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