Manage Project

Learn how to manage a project on Blippbuilder Mobile


There are various project setting you can adopt in Blippbuilder Mobile. This document explains various project settings and how to manage an exisiting project


Follow the steps below to manage existing projects:

  • Login to Blippbuilder Mobile and the various project created will appear on the HUB.

  • Click the three dots next to the project to open project settings. You have four options:

  • Open: View the project in the Design Canvas

  • Preview: You can create a test project QR code which will be active for 5 minutes and you can 'Preview' the AR creation.

  • Delete: Delete the project. You will receive a pop-up to confirm the delete, click 'Delete'

  • Share: Project can be shared for a period of 24 hours after which it will be 'Unpublished'. You can share the published on all social media platforms.

  • Click 'Confirm' and a published project QR code is generated. You can share to social channels or you can alternatively copy the published project link and share.

You can also manage project setting within the Blippbuilder Mobile Design Canvas:

  • Open a Project in the Design Canvas.

  • Click the three dots on the top of screen to access 'Project Settings' option.

Following are the various settings:

  • Background Audio: You can enable a background audio and set it to 'Loop' Audio which will play the audio in loop while the experience is triggered. Select a source file to apply audio.

  • Scene Lighting: You can adjust the scene lighting and apply customized shades to the lighting. You can choose to apply ambient light colour and directional light colour:

  • Click the 'colour dot' to choose from various colour options:

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