Can we edit a project using Blippbuilder mobile after it is Published

No. A project published using Blippbuilder mobile cannot be edited.

How long is a published project active?

A project published using Blippbuilder Mobile is active for a maximum duration of 24 hours.

Can i re-publish an expired project using Blippbuilder Mobile?

No. You can re-publish an expired live proejct. You can however, switch to Blippbuilder Desktop to access more advanced features.

Can i create a test project before publishing a project?

Yes. You can choose to 'Preview' a project before publishing and generate a test QR code or link. Post this you can publish the project. This is active for 5 minutes.

Can i publish a project without creating a 'Preview'?

Yes. You can directly publish a project without generating a test link. This would be active for 24hours.

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