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What's New?

  • Blippbuilder Mobile platform

Blippbuilder releases Blippbuilder mobile platform allowing users to create AR experiences using their mobile phone and directly share them to any social platform.

Easily create AR experience from you mobile phone and publish your creations in a few minutes using Blippbuilder Mobile. The following are key features of Blippbuilder Mobile:

  • Quick and easy to create AR experiences from your mobile phone

  • No application installation and free to use

  • Preview and publish project directly to socials and share your creations!

  • Experience the world of AR and enjoy creating experiences including surface, gyro and marker tracking.

For more information refer article 'create a surface tracking experience using Blippbuilder Mobile' here.

  • Face tracking with Blippbuilder

Get started using any face as a digital canvas for expressing AR creativity alongside driving deeper user engagement. Start with creating a face tracking experience using Blippbuilder Desktop and add various assets, 3D objects on tot he face and use it as a digital canvas. have fun with face mesh and face canvas and test your AR creation. Refer tutorial guide here.

  • Action and Events

Blippbuilder launches the all new 'Actions and Events' feature to enable users to create complex AR experiences easily by using nodes, variables and a drag and drop interface to trigger an action or an event on an object without any coding. Following are core features and benefits:

  • Easily create complex AR experiences without any coding in a single scene. It provides an Intuitive flow chart-like layout where different objects in the scene can be controlled independently. Allows for looping and branching within the scene for easy sequencing, flow-control and is extendable for adding multiple feature sets.

  • Enables the user with complete control of the various events and actions that could be applied for the objects and completely customisable. It provides a simple drag and drop interface allowing users to easily connect various vectors, variables, actions and events.

  • Build along interface with powerful in-app preview feature allowing customization before publishing the experience.

  • Dynamic in nature allowing easy options for modifications or design change.

Creating AR experiences with much deeper levels of immersion and interactivity within Blippbuilder has just become a reality. Actions & Events represents a significant advancement within our ‘no code’ augmented reality platform, providing creators with complete authoring power to craft interactive and highly engaging AR experiences like never before - all without the need for any coding knowledge.

Have you tried creating a project using Actions & Events within our 'AR for All' platform Blippbuilder? Explore our detailed tutorial guide here to help you get started. Check out our simple car configurator demo here to see it in action. Already have a Blippbuilder account? Sign in or create one here.

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