Assets and 3D Objects


Blippbuilder provides in-built 3D objects, widgets and is also integrated with Sketchfab providing the users the options to choose from an array of 3D models to utilise in creation of projects.

Type of Assets and 3D Objects

The following are the types of assets and 3D objects supported within Blippbuilder. Navigate to the left panel of the Blippbuilder Design Canvas:

  • Widgets: In-built widgets such as 'Empty Sprite', 'Text', 'Cylinder Map' and 'Sphere Map' is included.

  • 3D library: An array of various in-built 3D objects such as 'Cylinder', 'Cone', 'Sphere' etc is included.

  • Lights: Various types of lighting widgets such as 'Ambient Light', 'Direct Light', 'Point Light', and 'Spot Light' is included

  • Your Library: All assets uploaded into Blippbuilder or downloaded from Sketchfab will appear in this section

Upload Assets

There are two options to upload assets into Blippbuilder:

Upload Assets from System

Follow the steps below to upload assets into Blippbuilder:

  • Click 'Browse and Upload' and choose the asset you would like to upload from you system.

  • Click 'Continue' and your asset will be added to 'Your library'

Download Assets from Sketchfab

  • Click 'Sketchfab' and choose the asset you want to download into 'Your Library'

  • You can apply filters based on relevance or animation. You can also verify the asset details such as size, copyright information etc by choosing an asset.

  • Click 'Import' on a chosen asset and it will get added to 'Your Library'


Refer tutorial video for more information:

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