Creating Projects


Get started by creating a new project.


Follow the steps below to create a project in Blippbuilder Mobile:

  • Login to Blippbuilder Mobile.

  • Choose the option 'Mobile' as shown below and click 'Create a New Project' to start creating your AR experience.

  • Provide a suitable name for the project and click 'Continue'.

  • Choose the type of experience you want to create: You can choose from the following options: Marker tracking, Surface Tracking or Gyro (around the user)

  • Marker Tracking: Upload a marker and create a marker/image based AR project which triggers the experience upon tracking the marker. Follow the steps below:

i) Click 'Select Marker' and you will be redirected to 'Autogenerate' a trial marker or you can 'Select from Device' which allows you to browse and upload your own markers. Blippbuilder Mobile allows upto 3 markers in a project and a maximum of 10 markers can be uploaded.

ii) Once the marker is uploaded, click 'Confirm' to upload the marker image.

iii) You will be redirected to the 'Blippbuilder Mobile Design Canvas' to build your marker based experience

Refer 'what makes a good marker' for information on the type of markers to be uploaded to result in good tracking.

Surface Tracking: The AR experience is triggered upon detection of a plane or flat surface.

Gyro Tracking: 'Select Around You'. This type of experience loads around the user.

You can switch to view options of 'Types of Experiences' by sliding through the screen : 'Right to Left'

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