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Manage Team

Learn how to create and modify user settings
Available for 'Pro' Plan and above


You can view the list of users and active for your profile using the 'Manage Team' tab or from Profile section.


Follow the steps below to manage existing projects:
  • Login to Blippbuilder and navigate to the top right corner to access 'Profile Settings'
  • Click on the 'Profile' icon and navigate to 'Manage Team'
  • Click 'Create User' to add a user to your account.
Create User
  • Provide details of the user such as first name, last name and email id. You can choose to enable 'Group Admin' rights to the new user created.
Add User Details
  • A new user is added to your account
New User Created

User Settings

New users created can be managed from this section. Click the
icon next to the user to edit user settings:
The following are the list of settings you can modify for a newly added user: